Samsung Galaxy Note 10 – Will Cost You A Fortune!!!

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 – Will Cost You A Fortune!!! Enjoy Watching ! Notice : If you tried to use the thumbnail of this video or any video on the channel without …



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  1. $1000+ phones ! this is out of hand , these phones are marked up 4-5× the cost to make them. Even considering r&d and all assoc. costs for production these companies are laughing all the way to the bank…I'm going back to a cheap prepaid phone to keep in my truck for emergencies only…to iPhone & android kiss my a**!

  2. Well the S+ is basically the note already. There's really no reason to get a Note unless it's for the pen but other than that it's basically an S+ but more expensive so if they want a reason for the Note to keep existing then they have to do something really dramatic with it so bumping up the price is really the only thing they could do at this point to add more features to it like possible a bigger screen.

  3. Why do you think I'm saving up lol I should be able to get more than the basic version in a year's time. I figure if you upgrade every 2 to 3 years you can do it. Is it a sane thing to do….spend so much on a phone…depends how important the device is to you. Fortunately for those that don't want the Note there are 3 new variants….4 if you count the 5g model to choose from. TY Miror keep looking out at the horizon

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