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Sama Al-Masry attacks Muhammad Ramadan after the pilot's crisis: 9 million Arab women from your Arab world

Cairo – Sarah Ibrahim

The Egyptian artist Sama Al-Masry attacked the artist Mohamed Ramadan, after he published a video clip in which he said that the pilot Ashraf Abu Al-Yusr, who was suspended from his work for life because of the fact that the artist entered the plane's cockpit, asked him 9 million and a half pounds, but the pilot denied the allegations of artists requesting from him, i.e. funds.

Sama wrote, on her personal account on the site "Instagram": "What, Yafnan ?? What myth? What is Yadzil? What is One Yan? How do you like to cut off the life of the pilot and defeat the houses? I am not wrong with you? And you see that your black currency justifies this lie and says that the man asked you to compensate 9 million pounds? Okay, man, the man came out denying this thing yesterday, and your form remains a very monster.

And she added: “Then you ask us, will you please us with this money?” To be honest, we are very satisfied with this, and I have less need to offer it to him .. 9 million people who wish an Arab from your cars, are you not going to differentiate with you so much? Pay my love, a hero of lies and a boss head of the man, too, I did not imagine and took pride in the image of your son and rejoiced him with his legendary father ?? Do not rejoice your son and contaminate Ali Ibn Tayyar ?? Pay, dear, pay, dear, night. "

Ramadan had narrated details with an event with the pilot, on his Facebook page, saying: “My dear fans, the beloved people of Egypt .. For all who follow the crisis of Captain Pilot Ashraf Abu Al-Yusr .. I am like what I promised my life what I will not give up on .. First yesterday, thank God I spoke to Siddiq Lea, director of private aviation and his story, said, "God willing, within a week, he will work and return to his profession."

Ramadan continued: “I spoke to Mr. Saeed Imam, the manager of Rotana, and I told him to communicate with Captain Ashraf, Muhammad Ramadan says, he is waiting for the CV, so I spoke to an Emirati company, and his response was that he did not sell the CV .. so the solution was from my point of view .. of course that I was able I do it .. But Captain Ashraf I sold his lawyer, and he sat with my private account manager, and he was the one who replaced him and satisfied him .. Only Hisba was 3 years old and looked at the pension in addition to the end-of-service reward, in addition to the pension and a little needs .. He gathered them and said that he needed 9 and a text A million pounds .. I would like to judge the ones who would suspend and say Muhammad Ramadan, he gave up the man .. If you see, if this satisfies Our Lord I Hamlh very normal .. I Sayblkua reply "

But the separated pilot, Ashraf Abu Al-Yusr, replied to the artist’s speech, Muhammad Ramadan, denying everything he said about the millions, saying: “If there were any of the brothers who were with me and supported me, he said that I asked Malim, whoever kept saying the words.” He continued: “I am a demanding one. From one end, because I am my history and my situation was that it would end after 3 years and a text in my honor, the day ended with my dismissal from work and stopping my flight.

He added during a telephone interview for the program "90 minutes", on the satellite channel "Al-Mehwar": "As a man, I was in the Air Force before that, and I have my status and history, I cannot ask for any number, and I say I owe me, please, because I have grieved", explaining that he is in the plane no There is a barrier between the passenger and the pilots, and anyone who sits can be in two steps in the "cabin".

He continued: “The artist Muhammad Ramadan, when he entered the booth, there was no one who would say it, but when he entered, the next chair was overflowed, and the assistant pilot flew to the bathroom. He sat on the chair and asked to take a souvenir photo. I told Muhammad Ramadan the picture that if it circulated, it would close houses, it is sitting but it does not mean that he is the one who drives the plane, ”stressing:“ The shot came up, I entered it and allowed it to be visualized, and I asked him for money and God did not happen. ”

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