Sama al-Masri threatens the ball before the match Egypt and South Africa

Cairo – Gololy

Egyptian actress and dancer Sama el-Masri has stirred controversy through her personal account on the site of Anastagram because of the coming out of tickets for Egypt's upcoming match with South Africa.

Sama posted a picture of the online ticketing website on Instagram, and commented: "Who is the Min De Lee? The tickets were made to Match Egypt on Saturday? … from his employer. Enter if you book a ticket to Match Egypt and South Africa. I have done it all, and I do not ask what I really say.

The Egyptian artist continued: «No Da I imagine you dead .. I if Marwahat Match on Saturday I will come to you in front of the stadium Balmayohh Union of Koura Antoa and the Ministry of Sports, I say you Ahh and all the public Hsip terraces and tell me Libra sits Janabi .. Ayazh ticket Yanas. The terraces of the other Mallah, which is needed and the public dear heart is cut if I Marwhh .. Aizah reminder of people ».

Sama al-Masri attended the Egypt-Uganda match at the Cairo Stadium, and sparked controversy over her stunning clothes. She was reportedly kicked out of the stadium, but Sama denied that in a video on her front page.

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