Salma Hayek learns to ski Balbatinaj .. Photos – اخبار مجنونة

Translation – Gololy

Mexican actress and actress Selma Hayek has published a video clip of her during her skiing training by the Batenage, appearing in her newest film.

Eva Torres, whose role is Hayek, is in a multimillion-dollar fiber-optic deal.

Salma Hayek's latest work, The Hummingbird Project, or Hummingbird Project, was first screened at the Toronto Film Festival.

The Daily Mail reported that Hollywood stars, including Salma Hayek, had sent mail messages for money to fund the museum, which the academy is building in Los Angeles, with a budget of more than $ 77.6 million.

On the other hand, Salma Hayek revealed that many people changed their way of dealing with her after marrying a billionaire, adding that some felt threatened or denounced, or jealousy and jealousy, as some echoed: How this Mexican, to reach in her life for all this .

The 52-year-old international star said in an interview with Town and Country magazine that she was happy and romantic with her husband, French businessman François Henry, who did not think throughout their marriage to set limits on her in anything and all the time she supported her.

Salma Hayek married her husband Francois in 2009, and both couples try to cheer each other in different ways. Their relationship has both romance and support. At the same time, Salma is preventing anyone from interfering in the media and maintaining their privacy.

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