Saif Fahmy Youth Village with the family

Cairo – Howida Abu Simk

Egyptian artist Hussein Fahmy enjoys his summer vacation in the northern coast with friends and family.

Hussein Fahmy, who is over seventy years old, looked like a young man in an evening attended by his brother, artist Fahmi and his wife, broadcaster Faten Mousa.

Faten participated through her personal account on the site of communication «Instagram», in pictures of the artist Hussein Fahmi and Mustafa Fahmi, also attended by businessman Mansour Jamal.

The two brothers, Hussein and Mustapha, drew the attention of the public through their modern, youthful and youthful ways, and a number of fans admired their fitness.

Faten Musa also looked stunning in a shiny silver dress featuring her stunning beauty, and spun by the fans.

Hussein Fahmi used to travel to the coast with his brother each year to spend the summer months and enjoy the atmosphere. He also likes to travel to El Gouna.

Seventy-star cinema also celebrated the marriage of his daughter Mena III in the northern coast last year in the presence of artist Mervat Amin and a number of friends.

The Egyptian artist is the last of his drama series «The Secret», with the artist Nidal Shafei, Wafa Amer, Ashraf Abdul Ghafoor, Raim Baroudi and Maya Nasri.

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