Saad just falls to the ground while filming .. Watch

Cairo – Gololy

Moroccan artist Saad was exposed to an unenviable stance while filming his latest musical clips with the "Fnaire" team.

A video clip emerged showing the moment the Moroccan artist and the Fnaire team fell while singing and dancing in a clip.

The investigation room of the Court of Appeal in the French capital, Paris, had referred Moroccan artist Saad Lamdar to the criminal chamber, on charges of raping a young French woman.

The call for rape and violence against the Moroccan artist was accepted, and it was transferred from the misdemeanor court to the major crime court pending the final ruling.

In this way, the decision issued by the investigating judge last April was canceled, and Saad's charge was reclassified for mere sexual assault and violent violence to rape.

John Mark Fidaida, the lawyer of the Moroccan star Saad Lamjarad, expressed his surprise at the decision of the investigation chamber of the French Court of Appeal to refer his client's file to the crimes in his first media appearance after this decision.

John stressed in statements to the program “Crimes et faits divers crimes and miscellaneous” on NRJ12 channel, the absence of concrete evidence condemning his client in the case of rape, and revealed the signature of three specialized judges on a document proving the absence of rape, and added: “The investigation room sees the matter from Another angle and without re-listening to my client or the prosecutor, however, there is no change in the file, we will return to the investigation and my client respects the judiciary and the laws ».

For the first time, John revealed that he was merely subjected to medical and psychological examinations during the investigations, pointing out that all of them proved that the owner of the song "Teacher" is psychologically stable, does not suffer from any psychological disorder, and does not have narcissism. He also pointed out that the prosecutor was presented to research experts There was no evidence of violence on her body.

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