Rita Avila defends herself over controversial script in new movie


26 Feb – Rita Avila does not think that her line in the new movie, “Walang Kasarian Ang Digmaang Bayan” was such a big deal that it would cause her any trouble with the president of the Philippines.

As reported on Rappler, the actress recently found herself sparking the anger of President Rodrigo Duterte’s supporters, after it was revealed that her character in the Jay Altarejos film uttered the line “If I were braver, I’d kill Duterte myself”.

The line gained attention after it was reported that the said movie has been disqualified by Sinag Maynila from its film festival.

Stressing that she would never say such things in real life to Duterte, Avila posted a tweet that read, “Someone who is doing a great and proper job won’t take a movie about the present time personally. The president is too smart to be bothered by a movie, am I right?”

She also slammed netizens who criticised her based on something that they read in the headlines rather than finding out the context to the line, and asked for everybody to watch the movie first before making any accusations against her.


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