Rihanna rents a whole island for her new album – اخبار مجنونة

Translation – Gololy

American singer and star Rihanna, a full island in Essex, hired her new album.

The 31-year-old singer has spent money in a luxury studio on the island of Osia owned by music producer Nigel Frida, a source told The Mirror newspaper.

"Rihanna invited the family to spend time with her while she was working. She had some assignments in the studio since her last album, but she was really focused on her make-up line and clothes.

The source explained that since the international star moved to London, friends and family set up with her so that she can work according to her antennae, so surrounded by the people you love.

Osea Island has Miloco studios, which have long been used as a private space for musicians to work in their profession, and are accessible only twice a day for four hours at a time thanks to tidal waves.

The Rihanna studio houses a gym, cinema and pool, as well as separate country houses for the delegation.

This comes after Rihanna stunned admirers that she had been living secretly in London for a year and said she had the anonymity of anonymity that came with living in the city.

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