Richmond conference to predict best investments for 2019


Are you interested in investing and want to know what might be a good investment in 2019? A free conference in Richmond aims to help you do just that.

Vancouver-based NAI Interactive Ltd will host its Global Chinese Financial Forum (GCFF) Vancouver Investment Outlook Conference 2019 on Jan. 19, 2019 at the Executive Hotel Vancouver Airport.

The forum will bring together investor communities with investment opportunities in emerging sectors, such as mining, oil and gas, cannabis, green tech and green energy, blockchain, AI and IoT, gaming and mobile Apps, biotechnology and VR/AR.

The conference usually kicks off with a keynote on general investment trends, followed by executives from companies in those industries who give lectures about the company and why they can be a good investment option.

The conference will take place in both English and Mandarin. Admission is free, and registration is required on the conference website. 


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