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A longtime manufacturer of specialty stone countertops and other household fixtures in Remus told its employees by email on Friday that it was permanently closed.

U.S. Marble — founded more than 50 years ago by Remus-area resident John Bishop — was sold to a Birmingham-based holding company in March 2017.

On Friday, that company, Clio Holdings, told employees the business had closed and they were without health insurance immediately unless they found their own options.

“Management has contacted people who will remain to help with the shutdown,” the notice said. “All other employees are terminated as of this time.”

Management said the decision was made Friday afternoon and that all medical insurance was terminated immediately.

No COBRA insurance coverage – allowing employees to continue on a company policy by paying their own premiums – would be offered, the notice said.

Instead, employees were advised to join their spouse’s insurance, apply under the Affordable Care Act or find a short-term policy online.

Clio Holdings was founded in Metro Detroit in 2016 with a goal of becoming an industry leader in the supply and fabrication of countertops, according to a press release announcing the sale in March 2017.

United States Marble was founded by John Bishop in 1967.

Located southeast of Remus, the company grew from a small shop to over 165,000 square feet of manufacturing and distribution operations serving the continental United States from locations in both Remus and Johnson City, Tenn.

Besides countertops, U.S. Marble manufactured bathroom products like showers and bathtubs as well as other items made from engineered marble, granite, onyx, stone granite, quartz and other materials.

It’s Linkedon page said the company had employed between 200 and 500 employees at various times in its history.

All websites linked to U.S. Marble and Clio Holdings have been down since at least Friday and no one with the company could be reached for comment.

At the time of the sale, Clio Holdings officials said changes in day-to-day operations at U.S. Marble were not anticipated and owners John and Sharon Bishop would continue for one to two years in advisory roles.

“This new chapter of our company will be filled with many opportunities while never taking for granted where we began and our journey to this point,” Rick Foster, then chief executive officer at U.S. Marble, said at the time of the ownership change.

“I’m incredibly proud of the company we have built and am excited about our future with Clio Holdings.”

U.S. Marble was the fifth company acquired by Clio Holdings since its founding in June of 2016. 

Remus countertop maker U.S. Marble sold after 50 years


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