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  1. Ode to the Irish

    No luck is needed

    Its talent and tradition

    That drives the Irish lore

    Those gawga bullfrogs in red and black

    Are just a great big bore

    Saturday’s a coming

    And for those  in red and black

    There will be an inevitable pain

    Known for winning dominance

    It will be victory for Notre Dame

    Overrated, overdone

    Those gawga bullfrawgs

    Are the “Great Pretender”

    Because of their habit of choking and egg laying

    Their own effort they always do hinder

    This big letdown won’t be their last

    Not by a really long shot

    But their very next game

    On the Tennessee River city, Knoxville

    Will come another shame

    And that, too, won’t be the last

    For right after that

    Another River city defeat

    In ole Jacksonville

    Will continue the gawga retreat

    The downward spiral

    Of chronic mediocrity

    Will continue to make uga fans insane

    For it will all began this Saturday nite

    With the mystique of Notre Dame

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