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A former Love Island contestant has caused a stir by revealing that she has never experienced an orgasm.

Yewande Biala, who appeared on the 2019 UK series of the hit reality TV show, made the confession during a discussion with her co-stars Amber Gill and Anna Vakili on Yahoo UK’s podcast ‘Reality Check’ on Thursday.

Former Love Island contestant Yewande Biala’s x-rated sex confession has left her co-stars speechless. Photo: Instagram/yewande_biala.

“I’ve never had an orgasm before,” Yewande, 23, announced, leaving her pals utterly speechless.

“I’m deadly serious”, she replied when Amber accused her of joking, adding that she has never climaxed either during sex or “by herself” – and she refuses to fake it.

Her fellow islanders went on to praise Yewande’s honesty, and point out that the young biochemist’s confession may be a comfort to other women in a similar position.

“Do you know how many girls are going to relate to you and be like ‘OMG I’m not on my own, this girl’s on Love Island and she hasn’t had [an orgasm]’,” Anna said.

Yewande, 23, revealed she has never had an orgasm. Photo: Instagram/yewande_biala.

Yewande with fellow contestants Anna Vakili and Amber Gill on Yahoo UK‘s Reality Check podcast. [Photo: Getty]

Why some women struggle to orgasm

Yewande isn’t alone, with as many as one in three women having trouble reaching orgasm when having sex, according to Planned Parenthood statistics.

While Yewande didn’t reveal the reason she has yet to experience an orgasm, Womanizer sex and relationship therapist Pamela Supple told Yahoo Lifestyle women of all ages can find it difficult for a variety of reasons.

“Everyone is so very different when it comes to their orgasms,” she said.

Lack of sex education and anatomical knowledge, shyness, health issues, and certain medications are just some of the barriers preventing women from reaching the big ‘O’, Pamela explained.

And while some still believe it’s a ‘taboo’ subject, there are so many more benefits to climaxing than simply feeling a-ma-zing, including easing physical pain, improving sleep, and regulating appetite.

Additional reporting by Alexandra Thompson.

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