Ranger College announces grand opening for new school of cosmetology – News – Brownwood Bulletin – اخبار مجنونة

Ranger College announces grand opening for new school of cosmetology – News – Brownwood Bulletin

EARLY— The recently relocated Ranger School of Cosmetology will have its grand opening January 24, coming four months after city officials announced the move.

Last September, Early city officials announced the move of the Ranger College School of Cosmetology from downtown Brownwood to Early Boulevard, next to Weakly Watson Sports Goods.

“We’re looking when school starts January 21st, we’re going to have class there. We’re pretty excited about it,” said Ranger College Vice President Gordon Warren while announcing the spring semester to start in the new location . “We already have the program here in the county. We’re currently in downtown Brownwood and it’s just an old building. We’re bought it from a cosmetology school many years ago and I think it’s been in the county for 50 years. We’re just moving to a new location and the building just got old, out of date and we just wanted a fresher look.”

While making the initial announcement of the move, Early City Administrator Tony Aaron estimated the college currently serves 80 students and will move its classes to the former location of Alliance Ambulance, Inc. Although public colleges and universities are typically considered a not-for-profit, Aaron said the city of Early will receive additional revenue as a result of the move.

“They’re taking the whole space. That’s going to be their cosmetology school,” Aaron said. “It’s going to be a lot of students, a lot of traffic. There are some sales taxes that comes with that and property tax because they don’t own the business. There is a lot going on there. They will take anybody that walks off the street and I know there are some nursing homes that take their clients their to get hair cuts.”

During the moving process, the city assisted Ranger College with a 50-50 matching $15,000 municipal development grant. The funds provided by the city purchased signage as well as plumbing infrastructure and fixtures.  Aaron said the grant often goes to small businesses via improvements to infrastructure, façade, parking lots and signage so that it makes both the business and city more aesthetically pleasing in the process.

“One of our focuses through the MDD is to beautify our commercial corridor, improve businesses and support business growth through development,” said Aaron following the Early City Council’s unanimous approval of the grant in October. “This is just another way for businesses to make their business more attractive, more shopper friendly, more beautiful for the overall appearance of the community.”

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