Raghda excessive and signs of aging invade her face and change its features .. Photos

Cairo – Gololy

Syrian artist Raghda appeared in new photos exchanged by activists through social networking sites with Egyptian artist Essam Karika.

At the time the picture was not revealed, and whether Raghad was preparing for a new job with Karika, most of the activists' comments came to change the shape of the Syrian star largely because of the progress of her life. Ragheh appeared to be a black "lock" The artist about the makeup completely, and appeared on the nature of the opposite of the signs of aging that invaded her face.

The play "Mother Courage" was the last work of art presented by the Syrian star, on the stage of Miami in Cairo, to the German poet Bertolt Brecht, written and directed by Mohamed Omar. Raghda participated in theatrical action, Zeinab Wahbi, Safa Galal, Ahmed Abu Amira, And others.

At the level of drama, the series «Dahir» was the last series Raghda participated in his starring in front of Mohamed Fouad, Madeleine Tabar, and others, and the work of the composition and production of Tamer Abdel Moneim, directed by Yasser Zayed.

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