Private company of Kim Kardashian IV


Translation – Gololy

American actress and filmmaker Kim Kardashian has applied for trademark protection to join her fourth son, Psalm, to become a brand for the new baby.

According to TMZ, Salem West's name will be on commercial products, whether electronic, cosmetic or otherwise.

Kim Kardashian's legal documents include hairdressers, hair extensions and accessories, skin care, probiotics, computer programs, clothing, accessories, baby bottles, furniture, strollers, drinks, blankets, bags And others.

On the other hand, the reality television star and American model Kim Kardashian, has offered her fourth child and the last risk, after Kim published a picture of her fourth child through her Twitter account, sleeping in his bed, received a barrage of criticism because of the seriousness of the situation that The baby sleeps on it.

"Please be careful not to put any baby stuff, a cotton doll, a pillow, or a blanket, so as not to endanger him," said an account named Dr. Steve Carroll. "I tried to revive many of the children who died in this way and failed.


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