Pops Fernandez is comfortable performing with Martin Nievera

13 Jan – Pops Fernandez recently stated that she no longer has any issue working with ex-husband Martin Nievera, now that that they have been separated for quite some time.

As reported on Push, the singer, who recently announced their joint concert, shared that the two of them have already surpassed the stress and tension that came with the end of marriage.

Said Fernandez, “I always say this, performing with Martin is so easy. He makes it easy for me.”

“We’re not playing with our emotions. Whatever it is that you see, is what you get. I think it’s just that we still discovered that we do enjoy performing together,” she added.

Nievera concurred, saying that the chemistry that they have with each other is always automatic.

“When Pops and I are together, it’s easy, it’s so easy. I think people see that. Nothing is forced, and we don’t try to enforce anything on the stage, that we cannot deliver honestly and sincerely,” he added.

The two performers will be holding their concert from 14 to 21 February at the Solaire Theatre. Among other guest performers include Ken Chan and Rita Daniela.

Fernandez and Nievera were together for more than ten years before annulling their marriage in 2000.

(Photo Source: Pops Fernandez Instagram)

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