PlayStation Plus April 2019 Free PS4 Games – Are The Games Good? Are They Easy Trophies?

The PlayStation Plus free game lineup on PS4 for April 2019 are Conan Exiles and The Surge. I take a quick look at this months titles.

Conan Exiles Trophy Guide – https://psnprofiles.com/guide/7501-conan-exiles-trophy-guide

The Surge Trophy Guide – https://www.playstationtrophies.org/forum/the-surge/309544-surge-trophy-guide-roadmap.html

As of March 2019, PS+ no longer offers free Vita or PS3 games.

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  1. While I do think it's the weakest of the Soulsborn style games (maybe not Lords of the Fallen, which I haven't played), Surge is still a solid play. Though honestly, kind of lost interest by the end of it, one of the later enemy types and pairing just felt more tedious than fun, so I never finished the game, one of the few times I've trailed off on something I put that much time into…normally a game would lose me within the first couple hours.

  2. This goes to show how much stuffed people have been getting by Microsoft Gold and Sony + and their similar scams, and in this particular case Sony, as they really took a page from Microsoft's greed book… Hey, people are really stupid, look at how many people pay for Microsoft's Goldscam, why not dig in, and help our competitors rip a new one on our costumers as well, just blow some smoke up their ass and take their money. The only thing is that Sony probably didn't even know, how easy it would actually be, to FUCK people up…Hell, they even defend it.

    Actually, that's the worst part, is people trying to justify this scams. It's like being robbed and say: "Oh but at least I got slapped in the face"

    Some "extremely smart" people (note the sarcasm) will say: Oh, you are an idiot, as we get "FREE" games every month, last month we even got a AAA game like Call of Duty 4 modern warfare.

    Yep, CoD 4 modern warfare, pretty much one of the last few ones, when CoD was still relevant to adult gamers. But who the hell haven't played that game to death by now already? A 2007 game released on old gen, sold and re-sold a million times in a million different packs, remastered and regurgitated, now "free".

    Yeah, free games every month… More like free turds, and the only relevant ones, YOU PROBABLY ALREADY HAVE SINCE 20 YEARS AGO.

  3. Why do trophy hunter chase fast quick trophies, it’s not like it’s impressive or skillful. What value do PLATs have if they require basically a hour of pressing one button. So many “hunters” with hundreds of PLATs seems cool at first till you realize it’s mostly just small shitty indie games with quick easy plat grabs.

  4. One shit game and one flawed but fantastic game.

    Seriously the Surge has a LOT of issues but in the end it’s a really fun game, and sometimes fun is all you need, LotF is garbage but Surge learned from all the mistakes that game made and it really shiws. The DLC is also actual extra content not just some exclusive early game cosmetic or so e dumb sh!t.

  5. Whatever you think of the games, I want to see more videos like this. Since it's a trophy channel, I'd like to know if they're easy plats.

    Apologies if this channel has already made such videos for a while

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