1. That dude is very lucky. If he was dumb enough to not wear a helmet, he probably would have been killed – or received brain damage at the very least – from a fall that hard.

  2. Wait, didn’t the car cut the moped off? Because the car didn’t wait for the moped to pass before merging?

    Then moped brakes on car.

    Then car brake checks moped…. resulting in moped crash.

    I think the car is the worse of the two. Did the initial cutoff Then caused an accident on purpose.

  3. Both idiots here honestly. There is the road rage from the moped but the driver speed up to pass closely to the bikers and then break checked the moped. You can clearly see the car slow down quite a bit after speeding.

  4. retaliating against someone you could just kill is always the worse move. partially why the uk is adding the hierarchy on the roads for who needs to be more responcible.

    no one could care if the biker pissed you off, the punishment isnt high likely hood of been killed. if the biker wants to kill them self fine, but no one else decides that their actions deserve it

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