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Friday 10, January

The Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse in Cancer, your sister water sign, is here today. You’ve felt this one coming on for days thanks to your immense sensitivity. This lunation lights up your house of love and pleasure and it could be overwhelmingly emotional. Let go of any guilt about unmet desires and ask for what you want now, loud and clear.

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Thursday 09, January

As one the most sensitive and psychic signs of the zodiac, you’ve probably sensed something coming for a week or more, but now you’re right on the precipice of the eclipse. During the next twenty-four hours, forgive yourself for anything you feel like you haven’t achieved, and pledge to give yourself all the love and pleasure you deserve.

Wednesday 08, January

The Moon is in your home zone for one more day, so make the best of any rest you can get, Pisces. The upcoming eclipse and Saturn-Pluto conjunction are likely to keep things pretty taxing over the next few days. Plan out your self-care routine in advance if you can.

Tuesday 07, January

With the Moon in your house of domestic affairs today, you might not feel like leaving the house at all. Your ruler Neptune is creating some serious confusion out there, so you have an even better excuse to call in sick and hide out under the covers, Pisces.

Monday 06, January

With the Moon in Taurus in the morning and void-of-course for much of the day, then moving into Gemini later tonight, you’re a sign of many moods on this first Monday of the year. You could be bit scattered, but you’ll be much more goal-oriented tomorrow – wait it out.

Sunday 05, January

The Moon is asking you to slow down and calm your mind. You can actually get to a peaceful place by taking deep breaths and not forcing yourself to multitask for a change. Opt for activities that get you back into your body in a sensual way so you can unwind. Spa day anyone?

Saturday 04, January

Your relationship to money is quite impulsive and experimental at the moment, Pisces. You might even surprise yourself with your unusual behaviors under the current stars. It might require that you step back and count to ten before making a big financial move that blows your mind when you come out of the moment.

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