Pakho Chau queues up to buy paper towels


18 Feb – It doesn’t matter if you’re a normal person or a celebrity who had won multiple awards last year like Pakho Chau, you still have to queue in a long line at the supermarket like everybody else.

The singer posted a photo of the long line to the register at his neighbourhood supermarket that went over three aisles, saying that he had to wait for a long time just to buy paper towels.

“The neighbours here are very caring and orderly. A neighbour even came to me holding a disinfectant, saying that I may need it as I have a baby at home. I declined it with a “thanks”. All the anti-epidemic items at home are complete. We’re only out of paper towels,” he said.

Pakho added that he was lucky that he was able to acquire two of them, and encourages everybody to take care of their health.

It is noted that stores around Hong Kong had been facing issues with household stock especially when it comes to face masks, paper towels and disinfectants since the COVID-19 outbreak.

(Photo Source: Pakho Chau Instagram)

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