Pakho Chau back to hospital after TVB Awards

16 Jan – After withholding himself for hours at the TVB Anniversary Awards despite his fever, Pakho Chau finally relented to his condition and got himself checked into the hospital.

On 13 January, the singer shared a photo of him on his hospital bed on Instagram, saying that he returned for his treatment immediately after leaving the event, and hopes that his health will return to normal soon.

“I’m really sorry to worry everybody last night. I was really in a bad state and didn’t even seem to have the energy to stand up. But I was able to hold two weighty trophies. Of course, I was very happy and nervous, and I was very moved to see other friends win as well,” he said, referring to photos of him being escorted by friends at the ceremony due to his condition.

Pakho also stated that his two awards do not only belong to him, but to the team of “Wonder Women”, and that he is thankful to all the fans for their support.

The singer won Most Popular Male Character for his role in the said drama, as well as Most Popular Theme Song for “Wonder Women” soundtrack, “Let Love Fly”.

(Photo Source: Pakho Chau Instagram)

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