Osinbajo, Sanwo-Olu go to Apapa as VP guarantees new ports – اخبار مجنونة

On this version of Journalists’ Hangout, Osinbajo, Sanwo-Olu go to Apapa as VP guarantees new ports

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20 replies on “Osinbajo, Sanwo-Olu go to Apapa as VP guarantees new ports”

  1. Sabotage, greed,corruption,fraudulent behaviour. Money is not the problem of Nigeria. Delayed Gratification is a character we all need to work on

  2. God bless you lady for your good suggestion though no one pays attention to your suggestion because of their selfish interest and looking down on the progress of other states yet they claim that Nigeria should be one fooling themselves. Shame on them .

  3. Corruption has eaten deep into Nigerian culture even in the seaports. In a country of many million people, it doesn't occur to the leaders to have at least four functional seaports in other parts of the country but they believe in one Nigeria. What a shame to the leaders with no wisdom at all.

  4. All that Nigeria is suffering is only an attempt by the North and the South West to keep the South East and South South down. This Babajide is always a typical Yoruba man – Always economical with the truth. What does he mean by allowing PMS only to be delivered in Warri Port? Why does Nigeria invest so much money in building two new ports in Lekki and Badagry while there are functional ports in Nigeria that can be modified to correct the problem of the Zoo? Everybody in Nigeria is calling on God for a problem we created as a result of our own self-hate. A country advised by conmen as official advisers will only be a zoo like Nigeria.

  5. Apapa port ,;all the money that has been spent on Apapa is enormous, total miss management, it is hightime, we start developing port harcourt, calabar, bonny, warri, etc, a country as big as Nigeria should have at least 10 international or more ports, sub-contract it out to Chinese or Americans

  6. O what a tangled web, o what a tangled web..babajide, u open this ur mouth to say it's injustice, when ur party (APC) does't adhere to zoning? Apart from when it's the south-east or south-south being disadvantaged. Useless APC idiot!

  7. Jide would you allow this comprehensive woman to make her points; Rather than cutting her from making one while we the listeners concern with the problems of Apapa Gridlock are unable to see what vital point you making on this issue.

  8. Visionless,corrupt and blind leaders,Nigeria is not just lagos! Why building more port in lagos when warri,portharcout and calabar port would open up the country,decongect lagos and create jobs in other parts of the country.

  9. What about the Eastern part of the country, There are other ports . Wicked people, Open up Others for more businesses and jobs. Crazy rulers. You have no development plan anyway. Visionless and confused government. What a shame . Until the Apapa port destroyed or caught or Sink . Nonsense.

  10. Rubbish there r so many other ports in various parts of 9ja Port Harcourt, Calabar port, Sapele Port, Onitsha, Warri etc y not just develop those too n stop all dis nonsense Apapa traffic gridlocks. Must it b Lagos only.

  11. Vp the lier terrorist himself why not talk about port Harcourt sea port calabar port river niger warri port you guys are evil talking about solution where you guys know the solution is only in Nigeria we see all this nonsense thinking you are doing biafans you guys will suffer

  12. The mentioned lekki seaport when they're unable to manage Apapa and tin can port properly,
    As this country is a joke, portharcourt, calabar, sapele, and Benin city, why lekki again?

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