One Year After This Husband Left His Wife For A Younger Woman He Realized The Sobering Truth

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  1. Being a WIFE & MOTHER IS A FULL TIME JOB ITS HARD BUT ITS FULFILLING not only is this man a FU@%ING ASS but many others like him that have left their wives & families for a prettier or younger or even a another women that has no responsibilities & can put make-up on every day & wear short clothes or sexy clothes👗👙or go out clubbing or just go out at random without having to worry about finances/ kids,MOST MEN LIKE THIS ASSHOLE who do leave their wife and their families for a younger women or just another women who they think is more attractive or fun do regret leaving their 1st wife, eventually the kids grow up get married/ leave home the mortgage gets paid or isn't as high/the finances aren't as steep as they were, the 1st wife finally Starts looking after herself, she's the BOMBSHELL he she was the they married & ITS TOO LATE SHE'S MET SOME1 ELSE & MOVED ON & she's happy, the grasses eventually turns brown it NEVER STAYS GREENS!!!!

  2. So u telling me. He Left his wife for a younger women ,, than it said haven't seen his ex wife a year later so that means he haven't seen his kids in a year than smh,,,,,,tells about how different she looked and had second thoughts,,,, but didn't say how the kids doing were or even miss the kids. #gotta be fake

  3. Lmao men think we women can keep up with our looks when we have kids, if they want us to they should be more helpful so we have the time to look better but nope most of the time men just like to lounge and have the women do all the work

  4. Too long didn't read: Man was a jerk. He only cared about physical beauty. Men-Send the wife out to treat herself to coffee and the gym and take the kiddos for a few hours each week. Do the dishes a couple nights a week. Take the trash out. CLean the house without her asking. ASK her how you can help her.

  5. Huh what?!! A good wife and mother because she "let herself go"? What kind of comment is that? Maybe the ex-wife looks better because she realizes that she's beautiful even without a husband. She found her strength and channeled the energy from taking care of the husband into herself. I can't believe the ridiculous narrative.

  6. That's a huge part of the problem today . People are superficial and it's all about the physical beauty and instant gratification of a person's appearance . That is what we are all attracted to . When the true beauty is the goodness and loving kindness inside a person . You want a love of a life time a real love… look within .

  7. Either “this guy” was made up or “his story” was made up or he is so much more than the “bad person” he turned into. This guy was happy because he didn’t realize he ex was pretty again? Didn’t he see her when he pick up the kids or she dropped them off for visitation? I’m mean such a self-centered piece of garbage wouldn’t want custody since that would take away time for himself and his new plaything. However, didn’t he even pick up the kids on Father’s Day? This guy in the (fictional) story wanted people to think, oh, I was such a horrible person but I’ve mended my ways.
    I call B.S. if true this guy is a sad human being that wants you to look at him and say “well he was garbage but he has change and deserves our pity” or somebody wanted you to see how it wasn’t REALLY his fault. After all, she let herself go. It’s really not his fault. He never mentioned his his other than to say wife looked after them. B.S.

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