Now That FG Has Chosen Enhance In Worth Added Tax (VAT) Over Enhance In Infrastructure – اخبار مجنونة

Your View, September 18, 2019 (Full Episode)

Tax Specialist, Adesola Adebowale, joined us on the present to speak concerning the 44 per cent hike in Worth Added Tax (VAT) from 5% to 7.2% by the Federal Authorities to generate extra revenues to finance nationwide improvement.

We additionally mentioned the serial killings in Port Harcourt: in addition to the antagonistic impact of Xenophobia on the South African economic system:

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12 replies on “Now That FG Has Chosen Enhance In Worth Added Tax (VAT) Over Enhance In Infrastructure”

  1. I love this show so much. This episode was different, I must commend Tope for a job well done on this one. I was able to listen to everyone's point of view without the usual unnecessary interruptions by Morayo. she's an awesome host as well, if she could just be laid back a little bit

  2. Haha why are u even discussing VAT increase? Shouldn't these ladies be outraged? No electricity, roads, water, food, security.
    This is the next level that buhari promised.

  3. Nigerian likes to refer to other countries when they want to do " Stupid stuff" u increase VAT ….. and u are calling Egypt and other countries who have stable electricity…good roads and other basic systems that works for their citizens. You say our 5% is the lowest in the world. yes. correct. but ask ur self. who and who pays. ? what is the system in place to make sure that this 5% is properly collected? see eh. this Country called Nigeria is under a curse! am telling u… u have decided that u will NEVER care for ur citizens. instead of you to reduce ur cost of Governance , u add money to your Federal house for useless cars!! and u tax small businesses heavily. yet u want to grow ur economy!… bet it.. in 4yrs time. . people willl be in poverty than they are now… and.. APC will win 2023 again under hunger ! this is an agenda from somewhere. open ur eyes oga

  4. Nice topics of discussion .Tope love yr hosting skills -u appear calm , refresh and open to ppl -that’s from my observation on yr body language .The ladies demonstrated different views that evident great understanding of the topics The guests invited were excellent .
    God bless u all my beautiful sisters .I actually miss Lady Okojie ( pardon me if I wrote yr name wrong)
    Love u all sisters !

  5. Well done Tope! Another good show today. I somewhat relay on you guys now on whatever goes on in Nigeria. I feel like I'm more informed beyond noisy headlines. You always provide some background to the stories. Regards from Los Angeles

  6. The problem we have is always trying to be politically correct. Are you aware that some prostitutes are not registered? Do you know that after this news, some of them have taken extra care because prostitutes may be the criminal's first target? The fact that some truths are invocentient doesn't make it not to be supported.Vibrant called from PortHarcourt in 24:00 but he is telling you what PH people are seeing. Few years ago, there was the murder of the girl who came to Lagos from another state to be murdered by Facebook friends. It is better to tell people how to protect themselves first. No responsible person goes to a hotel with an unknown person. Prostitutes are vulnerable and have seen many things. That's why even if the society sees them as irresponsible they still do checks before going to hotel with anyone.

    The Fg wants to keep taxing but look at the PH incident, they are ordering all hotels to have cctvs. Where's the incentive? Is there light 24.7? Is there any subsidy for this?we have an irresponsible government that loves collecting but hardly gives back. These hotels are charged several fees by the government but ordinary light, they can't provide. you pay for diesel, buy safety equipment and they have the audacity to order hotels to install CCTVs. Not all hotels are Proteas. ALL countries Wale Edun mentioned that have higher taxes have regular power supply. The economy will thrive when you power the nation

  7. I agree w/Mariam & Nyma murder isn't punishment for prostitution. Soon the devil will look for another reason 2 con't his spree. Mariam I'm so happy u got rid of that other wig & u got a new 1which is fab.

  8. It’s so good that Tope is presenting! At least we can hear everyone’s point of view without constant interruptions by Morayo. I could actually hear all the views of the guests without constant stupid questions asked by mayora. The show is much calmer and fun!

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