New software update 2019.16.1 (some really cool features!) Tesla Model 3

Today I dive into the new software update. There are some really interesting features and graphics on this update!
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  1. I just got 2019.16 late yesterday. How do you tell it where 'home' is? I clicked to exclude home from automatically activating Sentry Mode but it was activated when I just went into the garage. Navigation knows where 'home' is.

  2. Thank you for the video and update of 16.1! I just had my Model 3 delivery with Hardware 3 and the current 12.1 does not have these features you have until I get this update. So looking forward to it! Hopefully I will get the update shortly.

  3. So my right repeater camera works about half the time in sentry mode, but perfect while recording while driving. I’ve heard right camera corruption is somewhat common with the last sentry mode build.

    Have you experienced this corruption, and if so, did this update correct it? Thanks

  4. Hi Matt I notice u don't use the dashcam feature, any reason for this? Do you know if the Sentry Mode icon on the screen when in park replaces the dashcam icon or will it just shift them along to make room for both? Cheers keep them coming!

  5. This is so good it’s stupid. People don’t understand how amazing this whole update/upgrade/improve Tesla life is. And why none of us could ever possibly go back to a traditional vehicle ever again. Even other EVs aren’t an option.

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