New disaster hits James Bond film after bombings and injuries

Translation – Gololy

LONDON (Reuters) – A new crisis is brewing after James Bond's new filmmaker, after actress Grace Jones pulled out of work after finding out her space was small, contrary to what she thought she'd agreed to.

The technical impact said that the withdrawal of Grace, occurred amid the great anger of the producers who provided an excellent residence next to the scene of the film, pointing out that the withdrawal comes irreversibly.

Grace Jones co-starred in James Bond's 1985 film series and played a deadly role called May Day in A View To Kill.

James Bond has been involved in a number of crises, starting with the removal of Danny Boyle and replacing him with Carrie Fonka, Daniel Craig's ankle injury and surgery that caused a two-week delay, and an explosion at Location, The film, scheduled for April 2020.

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