NEW Superior Restore Unit (Mega Well being Module) + KOTH | Battle Robots Take a look at Server Stay Stream || WR

Battle Robots Take a look at Server Stay Stream masking the NEW Superior Restore Unit Module (Mega Well being Module) together with adjustments to KOTH (King of the Hill).

Superior Restore Unit Stats
Restore Energy: 20% per sec
Period: 3s
Calm down: 20s

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21 تعليقا على “NEW Superior Restore Unit (Mega Well being Module) + KOTH | Battle Robots Take a look at Server Stay Stream || WR

  1. So um
    I so got second most damage
    And I’m in diamond

    And I was fighting (Master and/or Champions and/or Expert) and my bits were not the best cause I was testing what I would like

    Also one round

    Clanmate: That a lot of Greek bots
    Me: against my beacon runners
    Clanmate lol

    I was invited and I didn’t want to miss the battle

  2. I think King of the Hill is unplayable on so many maps. Here's why.

    Imaging we're playing on Castle or Yamantau and that both teams are playing to win. I'll call the teams north and south. To start there's a big fight at the center, and the teams split the beacon points evenly. Then south's second beacon activates and they claim all the points and pull ahead. Then north's second beacon activates and they catch up, but can't pull ahead. Then south's home beacon activates and they claim all the points and pull ahead. Then north's home beacon activates and they catch up but can't pull ahead. Repeat. North is always behind or catching up. South has a huge advantage because of the order of beacons and will probably win. So most of the time, the game is decided before it even begins by which team is favored by the beacon activation order.

    Even on small maps, each team has to contest the center beacon to stand a chance of winning. However, players will eventually realize their best strategy as individuals trying to win silver and gold is to camp out near their home deployment point. They'll claim a lot of points from their home and second beacons, but won't contribute to the battle at the center. They will get the best rewards, win or lose, without really contributing to their team's chances of winning.

    I suppose if you limit it to certain maps, some of those problems can be avoided, and the game might not be so bad. I remember all of this from when King of the Hill was on the live server and the game mode was selected randomly. It was really frustrating.

  3. Wow the Beacon effects in King of the Hill look Awesome! The new Advanced repair unit is ok, but I think they need to scale it down. Active for 2 seconds and heals 15%, or increase the cooldown to 40 seconds, or something along those lines. To be honest I don’t think we really need it, why 2 repair units? I do like how it cost more to use then the normal Repair Unit.

    The king of the hill beacons effects look great! I like how the beam pulses, looks really nice, hopefully it won’t cause lag. At 1:07:54, if you look closely you can see some green arrows pointing to the next beacon. I remember it was pretty easy to get 10 gold when we used to have king of the hill, if you got enough capture points. That would be good, as players would get more gold. Perhaps some thing need to change, it’s a lot like the older King of the hill, we will see what happens.

    The new shield effects look cool and all, but if we don’t have and option to turn it off(and I don’t think pixonic will do that, might be more work on there end) then they should scrap it. Seems hard to see though the shield, to distracting. Although I have not played the test server yet. But when I did download it, I was playing Minecraft and I got a message saying I did not have enough storage for it to save, dose it take up to much space?

    Anyways, I’ll be sure to check it out. Nice treat Adrian, I think I prefer these Test Server streams over videos, but isent the Test server open at times other then 5 o’clock? Because I don’t think you need to get up so early, I’ve played it at much later times in the day. I also can’t see the stream chat, is that a bug? Dose it need to process more? I can’t see the chat on your Friday stream either. I’m watching on a ipaid using the YouTube app.

    I wouldn’t Jump to conclusions on the new Advanced rapair unit, as this is a test server it’s subject to change. Looking forward to your Sunday stream, cheers Adrian!

  4. It's good for silver but now fury tridents are gonna suck even more.. and I'm also expecting a lot more lag now because of the new effects and the legs doesn't seem get damaged anymore too.
    but the effects are cool though.

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