Netizens still angry over Julian Cheung socialising with HK


26 Feb – It looks like Julian Cheung has yet to succeed in calming his Hong Kong fans who are enraged over him socialising with the Hong Kong police last week.

As reported on Mingpao, the actor recently went on social media and posted a photo of an orchid plant, writing, “Wishing you all good health”.

However, the post only served to trigger netizens who were still not over Julian’s previous appearance at the earlier event, with one comment reading, “Still expected you to recognise good and evil”.

A netizen posted, “When you’ve done something wrong and made your fans angry, please keep a low profile,” while another expressed, “I don’t want to have anything related with you both. Shame on you both.”

It is noted that back on 21 January, Julian were spotted among the many pro-China celebrities like Jackie Chan and Alan Tam at a private event following a friendly football match with the Hong Kong police.

Fueling the anger further was the fact that Julian also posed with senior police officer Frankie Chu, who in 2018 was jailed for three months after hitting a bystander with a baton during Hong Kong’s Occupy protests in 2014.

The photos angered netizens so much that some even went a step further and slammed the actor on his son Morton’s social media, sparking the anger of Julian’s wife and actress Anita Yuen.

(Photo Source: Mingpao)


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