Nawal Al Zoghbi replies to news of her marriage to Wael Kfoury

Cairo – Gololy

Lebanese singer Nawal al-Zoghbi has recently raised the issue of her petition to marry her husband, Wael Kfoury, if offered to her.

Nawal Al-Zoghbi said during her meeting with the Angami TV channel that her statement about her consent to marry Wa'el if she requested it was just a joke.

She added that she considered him friend of Omar and Rafik Darb, especially since they had started together in the same period of time when they introduced one of the most famous songs, "Min Habibi Ana."

The repeated appearance of Nawal al-Zoghbi, with Wael Kfoury, after her previous statement, has raised many rumors about their marriage, especially as it coincided with the separation of Wael Kfoury from his wife and mother daughters.

The Lebanese media Rima Njeim, recently announced on her Twitter site, and through her radio program about the separation of Wael Kfoury from his wife Angela Bishara, officially, confirming that it was asked to announce the news of separation.

The Lebanese singer Nawal Al-Zoghbi recently finished filming her new video "Keda Bay" in the state of Georgia and is due to be launched in the coming weeks.

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