Nancy Ajram begins her summer vacation and her two daughters live in the swimming pool – اخبار مجنونة


Cairo – Gololy

Lebanese singer Nancy Ajram began her summer vacation with her family, before busy with the summer season concerts.

In a video clip of the holiday atmosphere, Nancy's two sons, Elila and Mella, appeared as they enjoyed playing in a swimming pool. Suddenly, one of them lost control of the float and fell into the swimming pool. the video.

Nancy Ajram was born last February with a new baby from her husband, dentist Fadi Hashim. She was named "Leah", the third daughter of the couple. Nancy gave birth to their daughter Mela on 16 May 2009 and Ela on 23 April 2011.

On the other hand, the song "Ragel and Ibn Ragel" was the last of the Lebanese singer's lyrics, which were the words of Adel's angel, composed by Walid Saad, distributed by Ahmed Adel and the video by Batoul Arafa. Nancy gave it to the Egyptian people in conjunction with the vote on the latest constitutional amendments. Egypt.

Nancy Ajram is preparing to revive a concert for the first time in Saudi Arabia within the «Jeddah season» on June 13.


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