Nadine Naseeb Najim flying her hair «Zero» for «Five Text» .. Photos – اخبار مجنونة


Cairo – Sanaa Taweelah

Lebanese singer Nadine Nassib Najim has given up her long hair in the series "Five and Text", which is being played by the Ramadan race.

Nadine, who performs the character of the doctor "Bayan", flying her hair "Zero", appeared during the events in support of children of cancer.

Nadine, who plays the role of a cancerous tumor doctor in the series "Five and a Text," called Bian Taj al-Din, a prominent social class, and fame and love of people reach them until she is a member of parliament.

But she is locked in a major social and emotional struggle against her husband, businessman Gamar al-Ghanem, who embodies his character, artist Qusay Khouli, after discovering his involvement in forbidden business and separating him to live a stable and normal life.

During the last episodes of her work she struggles with her husband because of her husband's threat to deprive her of her only child, in order to love her.

Nadine Nassib Najim is participating in the series "Five and Nos" in front of the Syrian artist Qusay Khouli, the artist Moutesem Al Nahar, a number of stars, the work directed by Philip Asmar, and the production of Al Sabah Media.


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