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On this video, Dr. Pillai talks in regards to the mysteries of eggplant. In India, eggplants are used to appease the departed souls/ancestors. Apart from, there are Gods and Goddesses too who like eggplant.

Dr. Pillai will likely be revealing secrets and techniques in regards to the mysteries of eggplant, be part of free right here

That is an eggplant. I used to be impressed to do that video to you on eggplant due to sure issues that occurred throughout the few hours. However I’m not going to enter that. I just like the time period eggplant as an instance the thriller behind this sacred plant that provides these egg formed fruits. The egg formed fruit is like an egg. An egg carries a life, life kind inside it. The oval form itself is mysterious and Plato and the early mathematicians understood the oval form and it’s significance greater than anyone else within the West.

In India, eggplant is the best way with which you’ll be able to talk with the departed ancestors’ souls. They arrive right here to eat eggplant and there are Gods and Goddesses, some Gods and Goddesses who like eggplant. I personally like eggplant.

I really like eggplant and it is rather nurturing as a result of the Siddhas say that it is sort of a breast and that is referred to as the nipple of the eggplant. These are secrets and techniques which the Siddhas won’t ever publicly speak about as a result of they’ll do rather a lot with this eggplant.

I used to be simply meditating on this eggplant. That’s why I simply acquired impressed to do that video for you. So eat eggplants. I’m not within the enterprise of promoting eggplant as a result of once I began speaking about coconut, folks thought that I’ve a coconut enterprise that I wished to advertise coconuts.

However anyway, you are able to do rather a lot with this eggplant. However, secrets and techniques should be saved as secrets and techniques. In any other case, you may be punished. The Ah meditation which I gave to Wayne Dyer after which I informed him that ‘it’ll permit your thoughts to conceptualize which you can not conceptualize’. To place it very merely, in case you can not conceptualize making 100 thousand {dollars} or 1,000,000 {dollars}, you’ll by no means be capable to make it. However Ah will do it as a result of it’s the primordial Nada sound. There’s plenty of issues related to this eggplant.

So I’m going to make accessible all these teachings however I wish to do to first the scholars who’ve been with me on the mailing checklist and in addition perhaps even filter the checklist after which do particular applications which may also embody fireplace rituals. I wish to make it accessible to everybody however there are some secrets and techniques that I can not speak about overtly as a result of it’s a covenant between God and the Siddhas. So they’re very intently sure by that covenant.

God Bless.

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  1. Babaji …The mantra you gave in last video ..Chittah ….चित्त: ..Is very powerful .. Instantaneously it gives peace ..I go into silence and meditative just after chanting one time ..I am chanting it many a times in a day ..Thank you babaji ..🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾….I haven't met you but I sincerely follow your advices bcz I like you very much …🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

  2. Sir good morning. I have been so blessed to get to watch your brain power video since then i have been practicing your teachings. It reminds me of my pappa's teachings about siddhas and other epics stories when i was small. So i have a special connection with you. I think that is a great privilege for me. Can i meet you in person when you are in Tamil Nadu. Thank you so much. Looking forward to meet you sir.

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