Myocardial infarction of myocardial infarction – اخبار مجنونة

Cairo – Gololy

Turkish newspaper leakage news of the injury of the star Borgai Aklai myocardial infarction, the news that interacted with Fanz artist through social networking sites.

Turkish star Vans launched the "Hashtag" with the phrase "We love you, my tower". They expressed their concern about the condition of the young health artist, wishing her health, safety and speedy recovery, stressing the intensity of their love and attachment to them.

Burji did not pass her lovers' campaign, and decided to reassure them of her health by thanking them for their love and support. "I see you all and I thank you from my heart. Do not forget, I also love you so much. It's over. "

On the other hand, Barghi Aklay recently featured "Do not Cry My Mom", which starred in front of Jensel Elchin, Ozilam Yilmaz, Sezin Akbach and Akin Mart.

On the personal side, Barhi Aklai returned to her lover, the ballet dancer Jean Tunale, after a period of separation that lasted for a few months, while neither of them stated the reasons for their disagreement.

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