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My mother tells me that after I was my son’s age, 6 and a half, she took me to a psychologist as a result of I used to be a handful. And by a handful she means a thousand handfuls! My son final week had a tough adjustment again to high school. And now his piano trainer is complaining about him too. I THINK that is all regular conduct! But it surely’s difficult. None of that is simple for a dad or mum. He is my first-born and I am attempting to navigate uncharted waters as finest as I can. So, that is what we do at the moment! We spoke off digicam. After which a couple of stunning issues occurred after I did this unboxing along with his sisters! Watch! Take pleasure in! SHARE!

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My Son Bought In Bother With A Trainer – AGAIN!!!! Plus, Unboxing!! | Perez Hilton And Household

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34 replies on “My Son Bought In Bother With A Trainer – AGAIN!!!! Plus, Unboxing!! | Perez Hilton And Household”

  1. If the teacher emailed you, it was probably bad. Like, he was probably told numerous times to stop and knew that he was being naughty and defiant. There is nothing wrong with wanting your child to be appropriate and behave so they can be a good adult.

  2. Mayte is always having a party of one, with herself and curiously is into everything. Her lil shoes were on the wrong feet, but she didn't seem to mind! xooxo

  3. Hola Perez Hilton , veo a la nena pequeña le hablas más español, primero les enseñas español y después inglés ? Tengo una nena de esa edad y somos hispanos pero vivimos en usa y no al quiero confundir ..

  4. Holding him accountable. That’s it!! Good Parenting Perez!!!! I’m proud of you for following through. It’s hard on us especially when the get sad and cry. But keeping our foot down will teach them responsibility and holds themself accountable

  5. Mayte stole the show for me on this video! Her twirling around with her dress and closing her eyes not to peek! She is just so so cute! Haha Mia trying the dentist supplies on Mario! So funny and adorable.

  6. Your a good father who likes to give them gifts if they are good if not well there is consequences. I do the same thing with my girl she’s in a swim team and study’s hard for her Friday’s spelling test so in the end of the week I give her a prize not too expensive but it’s something that I feel she earn for her hard work for the week.

  7. Have you thought of doing a reward behavior chart? Positive reinforcement can be very effective, and your kids will learn to earn things/ work towards goals. For example, your son can get a sticker on a calender everytime he has a good day at school with no complaints and same for the girls. Then you set a goal for how many they must earn to get a present. You can also add on stickers for chores too. Clearing plate from table, or cleaning room whatever you want. Then you are reinforcing the behaviors you want to see. There is def a time for negative punishment and taking away privlages too. As a former behavior therapist, kids seem to respond well to positive reinforcement. My daughter had a lot of issues when she started kindergarten, with talking and wanting to play. A behavior chart really straightened it out! Every week she worked towards picking out treats at gas station. 5 stickers equaled one treat. Then we had a big goal of a finfun mermaid tail. Anyways just something to think about. Want to give you credit, you are a good Dad!

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