My mother reveals: My daughter changed me and refused my acting in acting – اخبار مجنونة

Cairo – Gololy

Egyptian singer Mai Omar revealed that her eldest daughter "Taya" is very jealous of her and refuses to work in acting.

The Egyptian artist said that Taya had once entered on her instagram account, and when she saw a picture of her younger sister Celine, she scolded her. She said, "It's her picture here and I do not," pointing out that since then she has become afraid of publishing any pictures because her daughter Track them through your Intrest account.

During her stay in the Helwa Ramadan program, she confirmed that her daughter refuses to work as an artist, especially after the period during which she sat at home because of pregnancy and did not go out to work, as she was accustomed during that period to her existence. Her daughter.

She added that her daughter asked her to stop acting, saying: "When I came back I was working in a problem .. For example, you told me to tell me Mtstglish Tani, Kulthalha you benefit from the school? She said to me, "Oh, it is useful. I am a mensafesh, I do not have to work, "pointing out that her daughter when she sees some of the fans take pictures with her, insist that they are next to her and show in most pictures.

The Egyptian singer Mai Omar married to director Mohammed Sami, and has two daughters, "Taya" and "Celine".

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