My Lyft driver right now actually has a demise want along with her cellphone like – اخبار مجنونة

27 replies on “My Lyft driver right now actually has a demise want along with her cellphone like”

  1. Seems like she had a death wish for her passenger too, my man. Sucks when you’re in a hurry but I’d have been tempted to get out of that car. Someone that dumb can’t be trusted even if the phone gets put away.

  2. Uber (at least) makes these drivers use their phones almost constantly while driving. Cell phone holders of various types leave much to be desired. There’s the kind that clips onto a vent until you need to touch it, then hurls itself down to the floorboards just out of reach. The double-sided tape kind fails when the inside of the car gets hotter than 80, but it won’t fall off until you need it. Okay, this is stupid. But car manufacturers could easily do more than add USB connections–they could actually make a place for the PHONE that would make it at least a little safer for drivers who have to use apps while on the job.

  3. How about the idiots that like to ride in the passenger seat with their legs up on the dash over the AIRBAG. They obviously have NO idea how f**ked up they’d be if that airbag deployed while their legs were there…. IF they survived it…

  4. More like 205 MPH for the driver airbag and 195 MPH for the passenger one. This is why if you know you’re going to crash, don’t palm the horn, as it’s most likely the airbag itself floating on springs with a switch behind it. My best advice is to stay the hell away from the airbag and don’t sit so close. Google or youtube an airbag deploying and you will see why.

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