Muhammad al-Sharnoubi reveals the details of the termination of his engagement from Sarah cook .. Confirms: I was gluten when silent

Cairo – Gololy

The Egyptian artist Mohamed Al-Sharnoubi revealed the details of the dispute between him and Sarah the cook, and the reasons that led him to cancel his sermon on it after only three months of the celebration.

Mohammed Al-Sharnoubi said in a lengthy statement on his personal Facebook page: "I want to respond to a number of needs and to ask a lot of questions. I have a long time in which I speak. I love my job very much and I do not speak any other thing. "A high period is an unprovoked personal attack and a lot of talk has to do with my personal life. I would not speak it, unless I have tried all the ways I try it first."

He added: "In September 2017, after a series does not extinguish the sun and the rings of happiness and the concert of the great musician Omar Khairat and the song" Min Vina "with the big star Asala and after what I was the past of the series as if the movie and the corridor, Gali filled with a large company Post Post them on Anstagram me, who was a campaign mask one of her name Sarah cook .. I grew up a friendship friendship nice and convinced me that I sing .. In the time I wanted to Arkz representation more.

He continued: "Sarah was a beautiful and very beautiful person .. The subject after the development of friendship for a relationship of love and stayed where we showed confidence and respect, but was the beginning of very strong problems I got in my life, the most important dissatisfaction Abuya about the relationship because of the age difference between me and 15 "The main reason was that Abuja Mukansh was in the video of Qatya al-Fatihah, which most people have seen."

He revealed the date of his speech to him: "The video I imagine on April 5, 2018 means about a year and 3 months ago and my father preferred to do it for me. I was not married for the first time in my life and he was the reason why I gave it to the theater. The important thing, let's go back to you by saying … before he had a betrothal or even a job between us. I had more than one of the companies that produced big songs. I did the album but I used to work every time. The album I and she and the decision was very scary for me because it meant that I was not fully aware of the full extent of representation, and that he actually got after it as if we were satisfied and began to work.

"Then I was surprised by the progress of a 10-year monopoly and the penalty clause in the contract is $ 600,000 and Malis has the right to sign any work, either representation or singing. Unfortunately, my mistake .. I was imagining that the conditions of the contract are; And when I got tired and worried about the conditions, she was pleasantly convinced that Di was just a formality and that every need was consensual and she told me by the letter "any time you say that the contract is not comfortable with your contract contract .. I do not need your help" and because of my trust in it and love it I agreed to all of them and agreed that I would have paid the contract even though it had been in effect for a period of about 10 months (on the date of the previous day) Beltha in which almost) .. And after what I went on the contract and after what I read the light who stood before all the people .. which received a completely different way treated and tension without reasons happening between me and them. "

And explained Vsecht engagement July 2018 means after 3 months in the most of the villages of Al-Fatihah and McNash for the hour we worked on the album .. and I said that I did not love to complete the work of the owners of the best .. And it was the attempts of a group of people shared a lot between us to fix the subject for more than a month. And we agreed that we had the same opportunity as an experience because I had a lot of problems in the way of dealing .. and we came back and life was a coup in the first and returned to work Tani and after a period of problems began to come back and in a ridiculous way and caused great problems between me and my family and my close friends and even in the middle remained Beethoven or Beethoven to deal with just that I started trying to control all my life and my relationship with all of the currents .. And as I tried to walk Tani .. Started to keep using the idea of ​​the contract clearly and problems remained personal and professional .. And what Mraditch completed in a relationship I felt that it was a suitable occasion for Leah, neither I nor the other party, he started to keep the other methods of pressure .. The last video was the engagement that came down and we are not really with some .. And I'm not interested I loved that my personal life remains a field of speech and because the engagement actually got in a day Of the days, and because I am old, I am wounded or embarrassed, what I do not know about, and I promise that we will come down after Tara that the engagement has been broken because we are really delusional not engaged.

He added: The lack of response to the video in the period de Khlani discovered that it is a problem with many people and I have the information and needs of Macnc love I know about them .. However, I was always asking that we get out of favor, and the time remained in the form of the fiercest in dealing .. And if it But I have the right to sign the contracts .. It Mabtradsh to what extent Bittlbeni in the job .. Fa remained my standing and even the old Flossi did not know what made them and in which campaigns unjustified and unreasonable and carried out a high personal injury to Leah and my family .. And attempts to work Problems between me and the journalists who have been between me and them have problems and respect them with all respect .. Knowing that the strongest The power points then the media and press and public relations by virtue of their work and knowing his satisfaction that the company is not supposed to represent me and run my business.

He stressed, I was committed to silence and did not speak in the details of the whole of me was between me and ten and live and salt .. But obviously I was a bully because my intention was a sound increase and the second party Mhtash any consideration for all the needs, the only time I spoke about the subject And I do not speak at the level of the press, nor on the level of media media .. And the first time, and last God, I had to speak about the need to have a relationship with my personal life, but I had to explain what you get when all the questions that get her time.

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