Mona Hala in childhood with her grandfather .. an old picture


Cairo – Howida Abu Simk

Egyptian actress Mona Hala participated in an old photo of her through her personal account on the site "Anstagram".

Mona appeared in the picture with her late grandfather, and wrote hanging through her own account: «I got an old picture of me with a grandfather and I have a year».

The audience of the Egyptian artist was very impressed by the image that she published, and assured her through the comments that her shape has not changed much since childhood until now.

Mona Hala Aat recently, and surprised the audience by attending the Cairo Film Festival, where the film «Night outside», which was participating in the championship.

The film starring Karim Kassem, Ahmed Malik, Basma, Amr Abed, Ahmed Magdy, Sabri Abdel Moneim, Ahmed Yousry, and composed by Sharif Alfi.

Muna Hala announced her marriage recently from a young American, and published pictures of them together, after a stir more than a year ago with a young man living with her without marriage, and overturned public opinion.

The Egyptian artist, born in 1985, started her artistic career in 2001, and presented the program "Yala Pina". She participated in a number of small roles in important works such as: Zaki Shan, Basha Talmiz, Midnight Party.


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