Mohammed Mahmoud Abdel Aziz celebrates his father 's birthday with impressive words


Cairo – Gololy

Egyptian producer and artist Mohamed Mahmoud Abdelaziz sent a letter to his father, the late artist Mahmoud Abdel Aziz, on his birthday, which is approved on June 4 of each year, through his Facebook page.

He said in his letter: «Every year and I attended you good and good and happy in your place I wish the gifts will be my gift to reach your maturity and your happiness happy and satisfied with me .. Every year and I attended you Dhahri and Sandy and Amani parents and brothers and my son and my friend».

He added: "The distance of the distance between the old and what Htmnni I am the first one to say to your presence every year and attended a good .. I meet with your presence in a new image .. Until we meet God willing.

And published a picture of his installation accompanied by his father, standing behind him using another cover of his father's work in the series «Ras Ghoul».

Mahmoud Abdul Aziz, born June 4, 1946, joined the Faculty of Agriculture, and through the university theater emerged his artistic talent, although he got a master in beekeeping, but he went to acting, but he was shocked when the director Mohamed Fadel told him that it is not fit for representation, He traveled to Vienna.

The magician returned a year later to Egypt and decided to try his luck again, and was actually used by director Atef Salem in 1974, in the film «grandson», and achieved a great success by the artist, which drew attention to him.


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