Mohamed Fouad recovers his recollections with «Fur M» and Izzat Abu Auf .. Picture

Cairo – Gololy

Egyptian artist Mohamed Fuad recaptured recollections of his creative debut with the Fur M band, based by the late artist Izzat Abu Auf.

Mohammed Fouad, a part of a video for the primary tune he gave with the band, the tune "Metghrabeen", and the tune by the phrases of Massad Radwan, and composed by Dr. Izzat Abu Auf.

"The Track of Mtaghrabin was the primary tune for Fauache with the Fur M band, led by Dr. Ezzat Abu Auf in 1986," he mentioned.

In an earlier tv interview, Mohamed Fouad mentioned that he had requested Ezzat Abu Auf about why he had joined his band regardless of interviewing him by probability. "I used to be dreaming of certainly one of your specs, I’d be part of him for the band, The primary time I met you and swore to me on a Mus-haf, as a result of that's what I mentioned.

And the truth that the late artist Izzat Abu Ouf, the "Fur M", after the collapse of "Black Coates" and relied on the ladies's part such because the well-known "Bonnie" West, and the truth that Izzat Abu Auf division with the participation of his 4 sisters are: Mona Born in 1955, , Manal was born in 1959, and Merft born in 1961, all graduates of the American College, and joined by the artist Mohamed Fouad, after a interval of turning into well-known

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