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  1. Talk about three idiots.

    1. White car appears to brake check the other car, causing this whole mess

    2. Blue car swerves into the other lane and doesn’t *appear* to brake. Looks like they were more invested in getting past the white car than avoiding a collision, since they themselves could have hit their brakes and/or could have moved into the shoulder.

    3. Assuming the dashcam car didn’t see the impending chaos (didn’t see previous instances of road rage by the two, previous instances of unsafe driving, etc.), they still could have avoided collision by braking in a straight line. Never swerve, and if you do, never try to correct by wrenching the wheel the other way

    Of course, this is all easier said than done when you’re sitting at your desk or on your couch, watching the aftermath online.

  2. Sadly gonna end up being the camera car’s fault. Stupidest best advice I’ve ever gotten was just hit the car that swerves into you because if you crash with no contact to them, they’re almost never liable

    Source: thanos’d my wheels on a curb from a driver suddenly and aggressively merging into my side. Me at fault

  3. I’d want to see the 15 seconds leading up to this event included.

    The white car throws some road rage (pulling in front + hard brake check) at the blue car, and the blue car has little other option than to swerve.

    What led to this behaviour?

  4. Idiot here! Had this happen to me over 15 years ago, around mid night on icy Canadian roads. I ended up hitting the median at 100km a hour, didnt roll though. Ended up getting charge with failure in staying in my own lane….. So I told the judge next time I get cut off I promise to stay in my own lane. He just looked at me.

  5. I was an idiot yesterday, I didnt realize that the HOV lane ended (there were big yellow arrows) it was night so I couldn’t see the cones in the distance. Car next to me realized what was happening (there was a car behind him) he sped up and I slowed down as I was riding the cones as the lane was closing. I got in between them and everything was merry. It was scary as hell I’m a new driver but it was ok. You dont swerve you brake or gas, have conviction. You have to commit, you crash when you dont decide what to do

  6. This further convinced me that 99% of accidents are caused by drivers who don’t know how to drive defensively or perform basic corrective handling. I stupidly downshifted in my RWD on a freshly powdered road the other day to try to slow down without brakes and started kicking out my rear toward an oncoming car at 30 mph, but a few quick steers and countersteers and I came out of it fine.

  7. Cammer is a shitty driver. They easily could have slowed down a bit and let the other two cars do their thing. Living in California, I see dick heads raging everywhere, so I try to stay back a little if I notice another car on someone’s bumper just waiting to be cut off.

  8. While the driver is not at fault in the slightest, and driving off the highway onto the dirt and back on at speed is tricky. they over corrected and got off the gas at the worse possible time. rear tires needed more load, only way to do that is to hit the gas.


    how to drive off the highway at speed and back on should be taught in drivers ed.

  9. 3 idiots in 1 12 second clip.

    We have a brake checker, a guy not utilizing the passing lane and getting way too close to another car, and a guy who decided to needlessly swerve instead of just braking in a straight line.



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