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Immediately marks the primary day of Nervousness Week! For the subsequent week, all the #MindsetReset movies will likely be centered on matters associated to anxiousness.

The coaching portion of immediately’s video is concentrated on the connection between fear and anxiousness. Then, I reply a lot of your questions on fear.

Right here’s what else coated in immediately’s coaching and Q&A:

The connection between fear and anxiousness.

How I cured myself of my anxiousness (Trace…with the identical methods you will be studying this week!)

What to do in case your ideas default to the worst case state of affairs.

What should you reside with somebody who worries on a regular basis?

I am frightened a few potential analysis. What can I do?

I fear a few liked one. What can I do?

What to do should you’re frightened about funds.

These questions and MORE are featured in immediately’s video.

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  1. Hello from Timor Leste. My mind always change, Never completes everything in.the right time, and never done it until finished. procrastinating again and again. What can I do to control my mind & set my mind & organized what I think in my mind? Sometimes it makes me headache because I think i'm over thinking. Hope that u Can help me Mrs. Mel. God bless u.

  2. Sharing nuggets learned onto my facebook.
    Me: "What has worry ever changed?"
    Friend: "Hair color!"
    Hahaha. Wasnt expecting that answer but so right on. Made me laugh, made my morning, brought more energy.
    Dealing with my default thinking of a life long illnesses. I learned I can improve through diet and now have the courage to take steps toward wellness. First time I'm getting excited to get well. I can now choose to change my life because of mindset rest. I took one step, out of guilt parenting, by having my two children sleep without me laying with them. Interrupted sleep for me equals a happier Mom to spend time with them throughout the day! 🙌
    Thank you to all who make this program possible for us to receive. With it we are changing our lives.

  3. Thank you I needed to hear this. My plan is to keep on listening over and over…there is so much great wisdom and thoughts to learn, thanks again. Love, hugs and prayer to you and everyone. Carmen

  4. Can you please help me somehow o have been struggling with anxiety and it’s taking over my life completely . I constantly think I’m going to have an allergic reaction (anaphlaxyis) to something . Please help

  5. Yep. When my son was in Afghanistan, I worried everyday, all the time. I used 'Think this, not that' without even knowing the science behind this. My problem was that I would imagine his funeral and how I would be trying to cope without him, but then I would say aloud. No…he will be at the airport in Sydney in a few months and we will all be hugging and celebrating his return. I would think of him being at my place talking about his ARMY career and how well he is doing. It worked and I had to use this for 8 months. It works!!!

  6. I have a chance to go back to work after 7 years staying home with my kids. It scares the sh** out of me and I realize I was making excuses not to at least try and see what happens. Thank you, I used your methods this morning to get me out of my negative thinking.

  7. Worries:
    * partner drinking
    * being cheated on (feeds into a fear of being replaceable and an ego need to be special)
    * meeting friends
    * going back to work
    * making a wrong choice
    * wasting time

  8. 21:30. "We love our anxiety. Because when we freak out, we train those around us to solve our problems." Until this moment, it was never more clear to me why this is the tool I reach for so often!!! How can I be my family's rock in the storm if I'm asking them to carry me?

    I can't say I will never do this again. I CAN say, I will never do this again in blissful ignorance. That lie just collapsed.

  9. Worrying does nothing. Be deliberate about my thoughts. Wow! Take action towards a solution and remember when you know better you'll do better. I'm not perfect and I've done my best. Wow! Stop making excuses and take steps. Its something about writing things out and speaking them out loud that brings them to life. Thank you so much for being You. I just received my 5 second rule book and journal that I will start later today❤❣

  10. Most definitely do I feel a shift in the way I think and definitely the way I feel. I felt this within the first few days and my thinking is much more deliberate and my visualisation is clearer and more often now, I can't wait to get to what I'm visualising. When I think about it, I used to visualise my life as a little kid, getting a horse – I ended up with two – living in a two-story house with three children, that happened, working in a job which was like an office but of course back then we didn't have computers, but the end result was much the same. I wish I went on and visualised me with millions of dollars, now that would have been a hoot! Anyhow, this course is working for me and I'm feeling myself back to the happy girl I always was and in being in that place I am able to manage my life with and without its difficulties a heck of a lot better. Thank you Mel and your team.

  11. I worry about ending up alone. My last relationship was almost 20 years ago. When I meet someone that I'd like to know better, I worry that I'm just not good enough. I don't make a lot of money, so I can't really afford to date, but my bills are paid. My home is a project and constantly in process of repair, so I don't invite people over. I think that I've just gotten used to being alone, but there are times when I'd love to have someone to spend real time with.

  12. Wow, I'm glad I set my stop work time to 9.30pm tonight because I'm doing yesterday's list of autopilot triggers with the new way to talk to myself, as well as today's homework. We'll make it happen though!

  13. No doubt nice helpful video.but for me telling kids keep your anxiety n worries to your self that pushed my kids more in depression. As he got no one to talk too..i want to be my kids friend to help them

  14. I am behind in the videos because I joined late. But wanted to post a question. Yesterday, I had the experience where I got up early…did the morning routine…worked out…felt great – accomplished, amazing, fabulous. Went to work with a great attitude. Kept that attitude about half the day, but after essentially feeling pounded from all sides – unreasonable requests we cannot possibly fulfill, questions that people should be able to resolve themselves, attitudes, over and over and over again…I ended up with the chest tightness, shortness of breath, near tears constantly. How when the hits are coming so fast you can't reset do you stop feeling like a hamster on the anxiety wheel? I know with all you are managing and new experiences you are taking on – you had/have this experience every day. How do you turn your emotions/thoughts/reactions so fast and have time to still get everything done?

  15. #askmel I am worried that I'll choose the wrong career and be miserable. The career I went to school for resulted in stress and overwhelm. This resulted in me having an awful mindset(venting, resentful, no patience) and no real work life balance. I tried for 7 years to fix this, but now have a chance to change careers. Not sure what I would do though…I guess I don't know if I should admit defeat or keep fighting?

  16. Oh my gosh, as you started out listing stuff, I was like, oh yeah, I worry about those things too.
    Money (my husband and I have very different spending patterns), my spouse drinking (this is a family issue), creating a successful company (this is about being good enough), raising my kids well (they are really awesome), my house and everything that needs to be done to maintain it (which is about money)

  17. I'm 30 years old, not married, and I don't do anything that has to do with what I studied in college. I applied for grad school and am looking into a possible teaching job. I am SO anxious and worried about what's gonna happen to me! I'm worried I'm gonna end up living on the street or with my mom the rest of my life!

  18. I have a question. I have a lot of anxiety from checking work emails. I check my phone right after I leave work on my phone and throughout the night. How I can I stop? I have anxiety if I don't check too

  19. I’m worried about being not enough in my work. I’ve had some ups and downs even if I gave 100% of myself and still I had some bad feedback from my superior. I was working after my working hours and I feel like even if I get organised and do good job, I will still be not enough. It’s a startup and it needs more work than normal job, it has a good potential for the future, but I’m worrying I’m away from a calm, family time and like always at work…
    At the same time I’m worrying about not having the spark for anything. I was great at fitness and art, and now I don’t have the spark for it, I can’t even start coming back to it. And I feel out of energy all the time, couldn’t fall asleep and then wake up at the „right” time…

  20. You’ve succeeded in surviving in continuing to work hard and to being a decent person – you said so in your writing – congratulations on that plus it sounds as though you haven’t given up on yourself – you’ve had lots of disappointments and I feel for you – so take care x

  21. I’m worried about my worry list being ridiculously long because it is. But, my life is pretty easy and I have everything I need. I worry because my Mom worried. Worry=Love when I grew up. How do I change that? Deliberate thinking still confuses me.

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