Mina Fadali provokes her audience with the shisha and Mayo in the latest appearance .. Photos

Cairo – Gololy

Egyptian actress Mena Fadali, who accompanied her on her personal page at the Instagram website, took part in a new photo of her vacation in a coastal village.

"People will provoke you until they get out of your ugly side," she said. "The pictures have taken many comments that have been critical of her recent seriousness.

On the other hand, Mina Fadali is preparing to portray her role in the new film "Mako" in early August, the film starring Qusay Khouli, Turkish star Mourad Yildirim and Nihad Sibai, written by Ahmed Halim, directed by Mohamed Hisham Al Rashidi and produced by Pyramids Productions.

She also began filming scenes in the events of the second part of the series "Family constraint", which witnessed the participation of a large number of artists.

The series "Family Constraint", the first part achieved a high follow-up rate during the presentation on the screen of dmc, which is co-starred by a large number of artists including Boussi, Mirfat Amin, Izzet Alailey, Salah Abdullah, Simon, Hala Fakhr, Nidal El Shafei, Menna Fadali, , Mirhan Hussain, Mohammad Najati, Screenplay and dialogue by Mohamed Rajaa and Michel Nabil, directed by Tamer Hamza, produced by Raymond Matar and Mohamed Mahmoud Abdel Aziz.

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