Miley Cyrus promotes her new series

Translation – Gololy

The famous American star and singer Miley Cyrus has decided to share with her fans and fans a number of photos of her role from a Wednesday June 5 episode in "Black Mirror" featuring Ashley O.

The 26-year-old international star, as a publicity fan of the new series, has posted several photos of her on the social networking site Instagram, wearing a short wig in pink, a look that captures the minds of a large segment of her fans of different ages who, The audacity of her choice of LOOK is an important part of her success and her millions follow.

It is worth mentioning that the American star and singer Miley Cyrus, a smoker of marijuana, which is not hidden by the young star, but turned from time to time to appear to the public.

The photographers of Masabari al-Babarzi took several photographs of Miley Cyrus on her arrival at the Soho Hotel in London on Sunday evening (May 26th), dressed in a classic black dress with matching sunglasses.

What is striking is that the international star returned to support marijuana smoking in her own way, wearing a number of gold necklaces, including one announcing marijuana smoking – a "mouth with a cigarette".

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