Mikhail Red reveals reasons for “Block Z” delayed release

29 Jan – Mikhail Red recently admitted that his insistence of perfecting his film was the reason why his new movie, “Block Z” was pushed back for release to 2020, despite originally scheduled for last year.

As reported on Push, the filmmaker, who spoke about the delayed release, stated that he – like most directors – has the tendency to keep on polishing on his work before getting it out.

“It’s like a painting that never ends but you need to put it out. Especially with this genre, the post-production stage takes a lot of time because you have your own vision about the sound design and colour. Even though it has similar running time with a normal movie, I feel like it was ten times the [effort],” he said.

He also admitted that “Block Z” was more complicated in its set-up than his previous films like, “Eerie” and “Birdshot”.

“Imagine an attack scene in a classroom. There are zombies coming in, chairs falling, blood on the blackboard. You can imagine how difficult it is to make a zombie movie compared to a scene where there are only two people talking,” he said.

The new movie, starring Joshua Garcia and Julia Barretto, is set to be released on 29 January.

(Photo Source: Mikhail Red Instagram)

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