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  1. I still think this is the most amazing dunk in history.
    If you never played basketball before, just go into a gym sometime and stand at the free throw line and imagine yourself trying to do this.
    It’s just extraordinary.
    And to think, MJ had a hard time making the high school basketball team.
    If you ever got the chance to see him play, up close, you know how special this guy is.

  2. I don’t really watch sports of any kind much anymore, but back in middle school & high school I was into it. I had the fortune of being into basketball at the same time that MJ was at his peak. Man, was he fun to watch. Still remember that finals series vs the Lakers when he went up for the dunk, changed his mind in mid air because of the defense or something, switched hands, and made a pretty much blind layup. Even the Lakers fans I was watching with stood up and cheered.

  3. Man those Air Jordan 1 “breds” he’s wearing look so awesome, I really want a pair but they cost like a thousand bucks, and that’s for one of the re-releases. A pair of the originals from 1985 can cost as much as $20,000.

  4. I can’t remember which coach it was (though I think it was Fratello when broadcasting) that asked Jordan if he could dunk from out of bounds, and he couldn’t/didn’t, and said the only person to have done it up to that point was Dr. J.

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