Megan Markle's father forces her to reestablish her relationship with him

Thomas Markle appeared on British television Monday morning, and in the interview the lighting director revealed the driver to Hollywood about a new strategy he had developed as part of his quest to reconcile with his daughter: conducting a media interview every 30 days until he was forced to speak to him.

Father Markle says he intends to conduct extensive interviews with the press every 30 days in order to compel his daughter Megan to communicate with him, and he urged Prince Harry to "meet" him and meet him as well, according to the newspaper "Daily Beast."

The father of the Duchess of Sussex appeared in a television interview with the famous English journalist, Pierce Morgan, for his program "Good Morning Britain" broadcast on "ITV Network", in his first interview since his daughter left Britain to Canada, where he described the duo's decision as "embarrassing" and "painful" for the Queen .

Mr. Markle admitted that his media interviews may lead to "problems" with his daughter and husband – but he believes that speaking in public about his problems with her is his only hope for reconciliation.

After revealing his approach to retrieving his daughter and grandson, the man warned: “After this interview, if someone does not call me within 30 days, I will come back in another interview. I do not want to sit silently in my room for the rest of my life, waiting for someone to call me. ”

Thomas, 75, explained that he tried to talk to Meghan's mother periodically, but she also did not respond to his letters. When asked what he would say to Megan if she was watching the program, he said, “I would like to tell her:“ I love you, let's sit together. ”

It is not yet known if Thomas was paid for his hosting, but he had earned 7,500 pounds to appear on the program in 2018, and reports indicated that he had received a five-digit amount for appearing in a 90-minute documentary on British Channel V this week the past.

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