Mat Yeung supports girlfriend over flight issue

13 Jan – Mat Yeung recently took to social media to express his support for girlfriend Lisa Ch’ng, who was blasted online for her recent post about her experience with the service on board a Cathay Pacific flight.

As reported on Mingpao, the issue sparked last week when Lisa shared a story about how she was ignored several times by flight attendants while trying to request for a pen so that she could fill up her customs form.

She then revealed that a male crew finally helped her with it and apologised for the situation, and to express her thanks to him, Lisa made the mistake of sharing the crew list for the said flight on social media – sparking not only the criticism of netizens, but also a response from the Cathay Pacific Airways’ Flight Attendant Union (FAU) themselves, saying that releasing the list might be an offence against the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance.

On 11 December, soon after Cathay Pacific released its statement, Mat took to social media to blast the airlines, saying, “Hopefully you’re joking. Don’t tell me that your company is not reassuring passengers with aviation safety and quality service! If that’s the case, do you need us to bring our own lunch box on the plane? Our own water, pillows, blankets, and so on? If we forget something, we can’t ask the flight attendants for help?”

“I think that the safety of passengers should be an airline’s most basic purpose. Thanks!” he added.

(Photo Source: Mat Yeung Instagram)

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