Margot Robbie with a bold look during the celebration of "Birds of Prey" .. Photo


Cairo – Gololy

The agenda of 29-year-old Australian actress Margot Robbie appears to have crowded in the recent period, as she was attending the award-winning season in various countries of the world, and at the same time Robbie used her travel to promote her newest movie, "Birds of Prey". ”

Two days ago, Margot Robbie was seen in the famous New York Square "Time Square" alongside the protagonists to celebrate the release of the film, where Iwan MacGuire, Rosie Perez and Journey Samuel Samuel Bell were present at the ceremony.

The heroine caught the eye with the look she chose, which combined elegance and boldness, as she wore black cloth trousers and coordinated with him with a white blazer that she chose from the "Alexandre Vauthier" sign, and she wore a white "jelly" below, while giving up wearing a bra that appeared in a very deep opening.

Also present at the ceremony was Margot's friend, international actress Jennifer Lawrence, who appeared in a simple look with dark trousers and a jacketed jacket, as she was covering her face from the lenses of the photographers.

During the ceremony, the headbands that contained the brains of the heroine of the famous movie "Harley Quinn" were distributed in pink and blue, which plays Margot.

It should be noted that Margot Robbie played the role of "Harley Quinn" in the movie "Suicide Squad" in 2016, and this year she released a full movie about this character in the movie "Birds of Prey", knowing that she will be represented in the second part of the first movie, which will be named "THE Suicide Squad".

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