Maplestory – A Narrative Path, Discovered – اخبار مجنونة

Activate captions if you cannot hear my voice. Apologies concerning the stupidly silent and failed audio mixing; this should not be an issue sooner or later. And if you happen to’re questioning why this has 15+ views upon publishing, that is me attempting to make use of YouTube’s subtitling system.
Additionally, 45StitchesToF = 45 stitches to press F to pay respects. Or you’ll be able to see “ToF” as some awkward means of claiming “powerful it out.” Gods, that is such a silly title…

Wish to not be lonely? A slice of Discord:

Sport Performed: Maplestory

Intro supply: Maplestory eighth Anniversary video (Banami – Smile) & me deliberately singing dangerous

Music used:
Maplestory – Dangerous Guys (Kerning Metropolis theme)


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